Accommodation is basic, usually in a shared static caravan, but sometimes in a spare room of the house or cottage if available. Heating is by woodburners.

Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow slip.

Meals are vegetarian (can be vegan) and evening meals are communal. Everyone helps out with the weekly tasks. (The communal kitchen is vegetarian only, but people sometimes cook meat just for themselves in the cottage kitchen.)

Please ask a Housing Co-op member to help you find your way around when you arrive. Don’t worry about asking lots of questions! If you have any specific questions about your stay please contact the Visitor Co-ordinator.

Guests should look after their living space (we have no paid cleaners!) and once settled in, guests are expected to help out. Most guests are expected to cut their own firewood. Of course for some people this will be difficult, so please discuss beforehand with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Usually guests help out with the day-to-day running of the Co-op or volunteer with the Charity. We don’t charge rent but suggest a donation of £3.50 a day or £25 a week to cover costs (food and energy or “FNE”). Any extra donations for accommodation are very welcome!!