How it started

Talamh has been in existence since 1993 (and a housing co-op from 1996). The house and its remaining estate were bought by a group of friends who shared similar ideals, and wanted to provide affordable housing for themselves as well as to improve their environment. Although all of the earliest members have now left, the philosophy of community, self-help, quality of life, and love of the outdoors has continued.

Help in becoming a Co-op was provided by Upstart Workers Co-op and Radical Routes, a secondary co-op (ie a co-op of co-ops!). Loans were provided by ICOF, Radical Routes (Rootstock) and Triodos Bank.

Radical Routes is a form of structured mutual aid. In other words, it is based on people helping each other in organised ways. Radical Routes is about people taking control of their own housing, work, education and leisure activities. If you would like more information on Radical Routes or setting up your own co-op please contact us.